Water Resistant Sandal for women Hans

Water Resistant Sandal
$50.00 USD $100.00



The ultimate Water-Resistant sandal. Crafted with a focus on style, simplicity, and comfort, these sandals are designed to accompany you during all day, whether you're at the beach, pool or strolling through the city.


-Insole Water Resistant fabric
- Insole Water Resistant fabric
- Sole: Rubber.
- Heel height: 0.9 cm.
- Made by hand in Colombia.


Wear & Care

If exposed to water or high humidity, dry your shoes well with an absorbent cloth and let them air dry before storing them.

Care: Smooth leather: Use a soft cloth and apply a measured amount of uncolour milk or cream.
Store in the provided flannel bag.

This is a product of colombian craftsmanship made in a natural leather. Any variations veining marks or irregularities are unique characteristics we embrace. Store and handle with care. Avoid contact with any liquids, creams, oils, make-up, perfumes, direct sunlight, heat and abrasive surfaces.

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