FILIPA is an infallible companion for everyday life, as it is very comfortable, versatile, portable and atemporal. Day or night, a FILIPA shoe is suited to every occasion and was created as a functional piece for the women on the go. Our emphasis is on classic simple design, using 100% nappa leather that is a very delicate kind of leather that is recognized for its softness and durability. Yet as a natural material it can be sensitive so we recommend you to follow some care instructions so you will greatly extend their lifespan.

General Instructions

  • Before wearing your shoes, carefully clean off any dirt with a soft cloth.
  • It is preferable you store your shoes in a dry place. Avoid heat or direct sunlight.
  • While it is durable, Nappa leather is also prone to scratches and scuffs because of its softness so you must be careful not to rub or bump into surfaces because the leather can peel easily.
  • Nappa leather is very porous so it can absorb liquids and oils, making it susceptible to stains.
  • Every few months, cleaning your shoes with a moisturizing leather cleaner helps give your shoes a longer life.
  • When your shoes become wet, dry them with a soft, clean cloth and let them dry in a natural/warm environment.
  • We recommend that you store them in their original bag when you travel.